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"Craft experiences that keep people engaged"

It’s crucial that when your customers step inside your brand space, they connect with their five senses. Here at Envisage, we craft experiences that keep people engaged from the moment they enter your exhibition stand. 
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Attending an event with a bespoke exhibition design is a massive undertaking for any business.

That’s why you need a partner who will work alongside your team to ensure there is a strong return on investment. Together, we’ll look to elevate your pitch into a three-dimensional manifestation of your brand – whether this is a double-decker exhibition stand or a smaller modular solution.

How our process works

The key to getting the most out of your investment is firstly understanding what “good looks like.” From here, we can list your objectives for the event and, in turn, measure success against them. 
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    We treat your objectives for each event differently, as requirements for a bespoke exhibition stand in the UK may be different from events elsewhere in the world. By firstly analysing the objectives for each event, we’re able to create concepts that resonate from the get-go.

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    It is our firm belief that good things happen when we spend time partnering with our clients to grow and learn together. To explore exciting new technologies, experiment with bold architecture, or leap into the unknown.

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    All of this good stuff happens when you have a strong working relationship. We believe that to deny this relationship through expensive tendering and a lengthy procurement process only wastes valuable time for both parties. It also hinders the ability to develop creatively together.

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    Evolving together accordion-arrow

    Seldom does a new exhibition stand tick all of the boxes on the first outing. Only through learning and evolving can the necessary improvements be made. That is why our after-show briefings prove so valuable to continual improvement and continued success.

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How to get the most from your bespoke exhibition stand

Your budget doesn’t need to restrict you when crafting a bespoke exhibition stand. It is how you invest your budget that will bring results. Designing modularity and flexibility into your project can reap dividends if rolled out across various events. This gives you the ability to re-fresh concepts. 
Building re-use and flexibility into our design concepts is something that we have perfected over the years. Our sizeable on-site storage facility ensures cost-effective, safe warehousing and includes a scheduled list of every piece that we hold for you. This also reduces any refurbishment costs due to possible damage between events. 
We’ve shown time and again that the bespoke manufacture of key structural assets works out to be cheaper than off the peg modular systems. This is because the latter rely on expensive hardware and are more restrictive by their nature. 
With careful consideration of your event calendar going forward, the overall investment in that window will allow for a more profitable and sustainable route to growing your exposure.

Renewable materials

In keeping with our commitment to environmental responsibility, we source from renewable stocks. That means using materials which can be recycled when they reach the end of their usable life – usually around three years, depending on your requirements.

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Engaging your audience

We aim to attract the right type of visitors to your brand space. Once they are there, however, the focus should shift to learning as much as we can about them.
Together, we will discuss creating games, quizzes, and utilising innovative tech to capture this necessary data. In some instances, however, you might only require a notepad and paper in your bespoke exhibition stand. This will depend on your event objectives. Rest assured that we will work with your sales team to decide on the optimum method. 
The first step is to build a relationship with us. From here, we will help you to craft a bespoke exhibition stand strategy and plan for the future. You can take peace of mind that working with our team will save you money in the long run and result in events that deliver beyond your expectations.

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