Memorable Exhibition Giveaways Guide

Most people can relate to returning from an exhibition with all manner of useless or forgettable objects that end up at the bottom of the desk drawer.

So what can we do to be memorable? That is of course what exhibiting is all about and the things we giveaway should be no exception. 

Consider Your Brand

Whatever you choose as a free giveaway needs to reflect your brand. The choice of colour, font and imagery should all be in line with your brand guidelines. Not only that but if your brand offers professional services for example, then the giveaway you choose should reflect that. Consider what image the giveaway portrays of your company and if it matches with your business ideologies. 

A plastic freebie from a company with a focus on the environment, clearly wouldn’t be right.

Your brand doesn’t always have to be printed on the product. You should consider attractively branded packaging – make delegates feel they really have been given a special valuable gift.

Consider Your USP

What is unique and special about your company? Your USP must be a factor in what you choose to giveaway at your exhibition.

Here at Envisage one of our main USP’s is that we provide a full exhibition process from concept and design through to build and management. We could therefore design and create a completely unique, branded giveaway in our workshop which would showcase our USP and create a talking point.

Consider Your Ideal Customer

Your ideal customer must of course be in your mind when considering your exhibition giveaway. Who are they? What demographic are you aiming at? Age, gender, location, background, job title, and paygrade, are all useful to know when deciding what people will want to keep.

Next, consider if there is something that is useful to the people you are targeting.

If you were at an Aviation exhibition and targeting highly paid, airline pilots then a branded pen probably won’t get their attention. However, a high-end, branded, portable travel alarm clock might be useful for those layovers and early morning flights. 

Consider the Practicalities

There is no point handing someone a huge gift at 9 am when they arrive at the exhibition. After a day on their feet, walking around, delegates will not thank you for it! If you are planning on giving several gifts or a large gift, then consider how they will be carried throughout the day.

If you are exhibiting over more than one day you should also consider what might be useful on day one, may not be so useful on day 3.

On the morning of day one, you might hand out a welcome pack with plug adapters or battery chargers for phones. Whereas, In the afternoon of day 3, you may want to hand out larger gift bags containing several, useful, memorable branded items with snacks for the journey home. 

Think Outside The Box

Get creative! Choosing giveaways can be one of the most fun parts of organising an event. If you can think up something weird and wonderful then it can become a talking point for the whole exhibition. Try to think outside the box and choose something memorable.

People talk! And if there is something they are really impressed by they will tell others. Take something that can be used every day and put a unique spin on it.

Take inspiration from the time of year or special events such as Christmas and Halloween. If you need extra help thinking of ideas for unique gifts and packaging we have compiled some of the best we could find, just head over to our Pinterest.

Our Work

3M at Traffex in Birmingham 2009
Acelity at EWMA in London 2015
BP at Offshore Europe in Scotland 2013
Canon at Currys & Saturn in Germany 2015

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