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With a reputation for excellence, we partner with interior designers, architects and brands to design and implement some of the world’s finest retail spaces. Taking a collaborative approach, we foster long-term relationships with our global partners, delivering creative solutions across the board.

Having established ourselves as one of the industry’s leading retail contractors, the in-house team at Envisage creates bespoke furniture and fit-outs for everything from pop-up stores and concessions, right through to high end boutiques and global retail chains. We deliver meticulous consistency in terms of quality and finish, allowing a specific brand DNA to be accurately replicated across multiple sites.

Clients we’ve worked with include retail giants Nike, Sony and Apple, as well as high end fashion brands including Dior, Burberry and Alexander McQueen.

Carbon Neutral

In-House Production

Expert Design

Technical Management

End-to-End Service

churchill china showroom refit

Specialist Services

Full Fit-Out Service

As one of the world's leading contractors in the luxury fit-out industry, we understand your need for quality execution and meticulous attention to detail.

Thanks to our highly skilled, in-house production team, bespoke items can be manufactured by our own trusted artisans to meet your specific requirements. Our experienced and well-connected procurement team can source any external products you may need, providing you with the best possible quality and price.

Envisage offers a one-stop shop service, managing everything in house from design to manufacture to installation, ensuring the highest standards are maintained throughout. Our exemplary work can be seen in some of the world's most celebrated retail spaces including Harrods, John Lewis and Selfridges.

shop signs and graphics
shop signs and graphics

Product Displays

In a rapidly changing retail environment, we understand the importance of carefully designed product displays incorporating the latest technological innovations.

The bespoke display systems we create are optimised to present your product to the consumer in the most effective way, including features such as advanced LED lighting and screens for displaying infographics and video content. Customer tracking systems and RFID technology can also be built in to allow for efficient data gathering.

In addition, we work with some of the world's leading luxury brands to provide displays incorporating advanced security measures for high value items such as watches, jewellery and fine art.

Retail Furniture

With our own, specialist manufacturing and upholstery departments here at Envisage, we can create bespoke, handcrafted furniture for your retail projects. Because of this in-house facility, we have the capacity to adapt existing pieces as well as creating new, one-off designs.

When it comes to sourcing other furniture that you may require for your shop, our procurement team is on hand to track down whatever you need from one of our trusted industry suppliers.

With the rise in experiential retail, incorporating seating areas into shopping environments is becoming increasingly popular. We are responding to this trend by continually improving our capability to produce cutting edge luxury furniture in a wide range of the latest fabrics and finishes.

Featured Case Study

Glancy Fawcett Showroom Refit

Luxury lifestyle retailer Glancy Fawcett brought us on board to create a new showroom at their UK HQ in Manchester. As the supplier of designer homeware for superyachts, private jets and luxury residences, the retailer required a high end fit-out that would be in keeping with their products.

There was a specific focus on lighting, with a request to bathe the homewares in light rather than solely using spotlights. Ornate chandeliers were chosen as well as strategically-placed LED backlighting to create the desired effect. Bespoke walnut cabinetry – handcrafted in our in-house production department – was paired with bronze shelving details to match the opulence of the products on display.

“We couldn’t be happier with the way the showroom has turned out. It has proven to be our greatest asset.”Glancy Fawcett

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How we work

Every project is different and here at Envisage we like to think that we have the flexibility to suit most. We operate with differing levels of support, project prominence and end user visibility depending on the brief and contracts expectations. The one thing that remains constant in everything we do is the quality, professionalism, care and attention that we feel all projects deserve.


Eye-catching visual merchandising for retail window or hero spaces, customer store journey planning and direct selling storage requirements all impact customer experience, conversion rates and ROI.

We understand the importance of every touchpoint and our team of experts has many years’ experience developing concepts that maximise this potential whilst maintaining value and design integrity.

We can take your brief to create initial concepts and develop them through to production-ready drawings, using the latest 2D and 3D technology our studio will work closely with you to develop your project, planning layout, discussing materials, fittings and finishes.

Value engineering can often be overlooked and can deliver stakeholders’ expectations whilst controlling the budget.

We stock thousands of samples in our Lab that we can reference to provide alternative cost-effective solutions if and when required.

Construction regulations differ hugely from country to country and even from landlord to landlord. Material science and choice have to manage this whilst maintaining concept integrity and brand strength.

Our technical team working alongside designers and Project Managers have decades of experience navigating these obstacles and are here to support this process.

Technology and service integration is key to all modern retail spaces and can often be overlooked in initial concepts.

Our multi-disciplined team are well practised at seamlessly combining these requirements with design features, whilst keeping connectivity and access requirements out of the way from user interaction maintaining a great customer experience.


Once instructed, our Project management team will take the lead on your project. However, your client services manager will still be involved and available for any questions or support that might be required. Our Project Managers are better placed for project delivery.

Our technical team will become more involved following the handover of your project to the projects team. All of the concept development will be translated into CAD/CAM drawings and workflows ready for procurement and/or production.

Quality control is never more important than in complex supply chains. For this reason, we implemented an ISO 9001 centred management system over 15 years ago. This helps us maintain consistency and quality on delivery whatever the project scope, be it procurement, manufacture, service or a combination of these.

Sustainability has been central to our operation for many years. We’re partnered with Carbon Footprint and we have been carbon neutral for over 15 years.

However, carbon offsetting is clearly not a long-term solution and we have made many upgrades to our operations to reduce carbon production and waste, including; biomass heating, facility-wide LED lighting and hybrid vehicles.

We put a huge effort into waste reduction not just reducing carbon production and protecting the environment which also add commercial benefits resulting from reduced waste costs.

Got a project or some ideas you’d like to go over? We’re here to help!

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