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The Brief

Our introduction to working for Bet 365 came rather unusually as a local business able to design and build bespoke solutions and deliver within tight time scales.  Soon after the 1st lockdown during the pandemic, Bet 365 made early plans for when their staff might be able to be phased back into work.  The first point of contact and the area needing to be addressed was the main reception desk where visitors to the building would sign in and be made aware of the particular restrictions and measures to be observed when entering the building.

Envisage were asked to visit the site in order to survey and advise on the best solution for the task in hand before responding quickly with a proposal.

security doors with cameras

The Deliverables

Due to the design of the rather stunning, bespoke reception area, no fixings were permitted to the desk itself.  We also wanted to use glass screens on the main reception as they are a more superior looking product as well as being able to keep spotlessly clean, optically perfect and structurally more ridged.  In collaboration with our steel fabricators, we designed a heavy steel support bracket and powder coated it to match with the desk finish.  Attention was given to each screen catering for computer cables to pass through as well as minimising visual impact.

security doors with cameras

The Experience

The experience for the client was quick and effortless and soon we were being asked to design more screens for the staff restaurant and some rather more complicated solutions for the “speed lane” access equipment that already existed in the main reception.

security doors with cameras

Our Response

The results speak for themselves with the staff in each of the designated areas passing on their particular thanks to the team as we worked together in bringing greater safety.

The glazed screens in the restaurant were really quite awkward to get just right as they needed to fit exactly around the hotplates and existing glass food counters and odd angles to navigate.

Equally, the bases to the speed lanes and the need for accuracy did mean us revisiting the site a couple of times to check the fitting of templates was spot on….all part of the service and which ensured that we got it right each time and caused minimal disruption to business in some of their most high traffic areas.

security doors with cameras

The Results

“We are more than happy with the speed lane screens and Hannah and her team have done a great job as always!” 

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