Hines | Mapic | Cannes, France

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The Brief

Hines is a global real estate organisation, with a portfolio of property in 189 cities with assets of $100 billion under management. Hines Europe is undertaking a substantial repositioning their company as it diversifies into new territories and geographies. MAPIC Europe gave Hines a great opportunity to make their presence known within Europe and the retail real estate sector.

As a business-to-business exhibition, Hines were seeking to pre-arrange meetings at the stand well in advance of the show. As such it was essential that the stand had two enclosed meeting rooms as part of the stand concept. The brief stated that the stand design must reflect Hines Europe’s position as an important and established company and attract the attention of passers-by who may not be aware of their retail credentials.



Brand Product Awareness & Incresing Market Share


Visual Displays & Hospitality


Cannes, France


Development & Delivery

The Deliverables

The space on the hall plan was rather limited and was dominated by a central hall column. It was clear from the brief that Hines were well known in the real estate sector but not necessarily for their portfolio of retail property.

Our creative team came up with the concept of a ‘shop window’ – this would grab attention from the aisles and at the same time spell out to passers-by that ‘Retail’ is very much a part of what Hines do. The two meeting rooms would fit either side of the central column, which was concealed inside the storage area. The stand needed to have a great flow as well as being busy and interactive.

hines shop stand

The Experience

Envisage have worked together with Hines on a couple of projects over the years, we have always found it important as a company to work closely with our clients through the design and build process. At Mapic we created a stand that was not only eye-catching and bold but functioned exactly how the client needed it to in order to make their time at the show a success.

The use of bold graphics, features and hospitality bar created a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere bringing new and existing clients to the stand. A very successful design collaboration. The stand was so successful it was used for a second year at Mapic!

hines display featuring table and stools

Our Response

The back half of the stand was kept enclosed and protected from the aisles to facilitate the private meetings. Graphic panels were placed on the exterior of the stand showing the geographical reach of the organisation. In stark contrast the front half was kept open with a bar/reception to welcome newcomers onto the stand. A large touchscreen was placed at the bar so that visitors could view the property within the Hines portfolio. The large ‘Shop window’ effect was a real stand attractor and commanded a lot of attention from visitors on the aisles.

hines tables and red stools

The Results

"The exhibition went really well for us.  Management were all very pleased with the design and function of the stand, it was definitely eye-catching and delivered on raising Hines’s profile."

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