Marker Study for Opus 3 Creative | BIBA | Manchester

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The Brief

The brief for this project was more than just a little unusual!  Opus 3 Creative approached us early in 2012 with some very scant visuals of a fairy tale castle that they wanted building at an event that one of their clients wished to attend.  Other contractors had turned the opportunity down saying that it couldn’t be done; but we have always loved a challenge and so it was on!

…no spec, no dimensions, just “build me a castle!”


Brand Product Awareness


Immersive Exhibit




Development & Delivery

The Deliverables

Lots of drawings and collaboration later and the build got underway. The manufacture of the structure was intense.  Newly acquired skills at the time with CNC production really came to the fore, especially in the 3-dimensional building of the turrets and battlements.

We only had a 2-day build available to us, and so as much as was possible had to be precision built to ensure a smooth build-up with no time for on-site alterations. Elements were transported in as large a section as was possible on our 40ft trailers and a crack team under the watchful eye of our project manager followed a strict schedule to magically finish in time for last orders

close up of exhibition turrets

The Experience

The whole interpretation of the theme and the exercising of the concept was fully embraced by all involved from client, PR and creative agencies and everyone at Envisage.  From the moment the visitors walked into the hall, they were greeted by the most stunning 6m high fairy-tale castle that look as though it was straight out of a book. The staff manning the stand wore full wonderful medieval costumes and suits of armour to welcome visitors through the huge purple portcullis.  The walls of the stand structure had purposely been kept white so that the whole piece became a brand expression with the lime green and vivid purple colours of Marker Study making a very bold statement within the venue.

Our team had great fun in the run-up to the show.  We sourced huge sherry barrels for lucky dip challenges, making branded stocks for photo opportunities, a sword in the stone feature with a remote secret release button for the occasional challenger to be very surprised when the sword came free!

barrels filled with marker study crowns

Our Response

The decision by Marker Study to fully immerse themselves and their brand in such a campaign was a bold one indeed, but it paid off many times over.  BIBA is the blue-chip event for the British Insurance Brokers Association.  On a normal day, you can imagine that this would be a serious event with very corporate stands filling the room.  Such a disruptive marketing approach ensured that every visitor to the show wanted to visit the stand.  The time at the event was spent getting to know people in a more relaxed and fun environment and the follow-ups were done after the show…..without the costumes.

marker study exhibition drawbridge entrance

The Results

"These opportunities to create something so unique rarely present themselves.  We were given free rein to bring the concept to life and the fun that we had with the Envisage team in doing this really shows in the end result…..our client was bowled over!” 


Ian Ward – Director

Opus 3 Creative

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