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The Brief

Having recently moved into a new office space, the team over at Michelin wanted to add some colour and personality to their new space using wall treatments, large format graphics, and cut lettering to inspire and motivate staff, and signpost the building. With the offices being spread over the three floors directional signage was paramount. Michelin is a very well-known brand and instantly recognisable, there was so much we could do with graphics using the famous ‘Bib’ throughout the building.

branded wall print

The Deliverables

The team at Michelin knew where they wanted their graphics and had rough ideas of what theme or value they wanted to portray but it was up to us here at Envisage to bring this vision to life. Working closely with the team over at Michelin we worked through images and textures. The floors were to be split into ‘People’, ‘Profit’ and ‘Planet’ and we wanted these values to shine through in the chosen graphical treatments.

branded wall of information

The Experience

With our vast in-house graphics studio we have the capabilities to create a wide range of graphics including glass prints, printed wallpaper, and cut lettering. Directional signage was cleverly incorporated into the artwork as the office spans over three floors it would be easy to get lost. On the exterior of the building, Michelin opted for a large-scale illuminated signage panel to grab visitors attention as soon as they entered the complex.

seating area in front of a tree feature wall

Our Response

Following our installation of the graphics, the new space has been brought to life with various graphics, Michelin memorabilia, and bold imagery. People, Profit and Planet were the key values Michelin wanted to run throughout the building, differentiating the floors and highlighting their importance. The end result is a vibrant working environment that tells the story of Michelin through the years and focuses on their values as a company.

quote on a wall below a tv screen

The Results

Perfect, thank you!

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