Our People

Richard Cotton

Studio Manager

Amelia Calvert

Junior Designer

Jason Parrish

Business Manager

Lucy Poxon

Project Coordinator

Alexandra Vedo

Ecommerce Manager

Kamran Asim

Project Manager

Hannah Whalley

Client Services Manager

Rob Edwards

Strategy Director

Paul Clifford

Interiors Manager

Sam King

Client Services Manager

Mike Manson

Associate Account Manager

Helen Shaw

Graphics Coordinator

Brian Hurst

Joinery Manager

Derek Berger

Senior Estimator

Mark Edwards

Technical Manager

Gemma Ankers

Finance Director

Mitchell Gracey

Creative Lead

Karen Beardmore

Marketing Creative

Daisy Emery

Ecommerce Operations Coordinator / Creative

John Stockwell

Senior Project Manager

Alastair Wilkins

Managing Director

Richard Bryant

Operations Manager

Callum Bowyer

Senior Project Manager

Concetta Fenton

Project Manager

Chris Williams

Senior Client Services Manager

Damian Brocklehurst

Technical Drawing & Tooling

Jack Johnson

Graphics Manager

Ben Clay

Associate Marketing Manager

Aiden Ward

Accounts Assistant

Rob Szalucinski

Technical Drawing & Tooling

Theo Morris

Graphics Assistant

Russell Edge

Workshop Team Leader

John Freakley

Workshop Team Leader

Ezmie Morgon

Office Administrator

Andy Burdon

Parts & CAM Supervisor

Ian Gregory

Finishing Manager

Alan Birks

Upholstery Team Leader

Kerry Broadgate

Workshop Team Leader

Dale Finney

Technical Drawing & Tooling

Alex Birks

Warehouse Manager

Laura Barker

Accounts Assistant

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