Event: Dairygold @ Food Ingredients Europe 2017
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Sqm²: 117
Collaboration type: Design, Development & Delivery 

Dairygold sketch 1 Dairygold Visual 3
From the brief it was clear that Dairygold were not looking for something ordinary and one-dimensional, we needed to inform and engage the viewers and to create something truly memorable with a feel good factor about the Dairygold brand. There was a really compelling story to tell and from the initial brainstorming sessions we decided to make this an assault on all the senses,  technology would be key to bringing the stand to life.
Part of their marketing campaign focused on the Golden Valleys - their location in the province of Munster, the most fertile hinterland in the world. The over-arching concept was to create a stand that would say out loud ‘Welcome to the Golden Valleys’. The rolling hills of Munster were represented by a curving, almost organic structure, that undulated with generous archways providing inviting entrances onto the stand. 

Dairygold production 2
With a deep-rooted tradition and history in Ireland’s dairy industry, Dairygold’s vision is to be a top 20, global farmer-owned co-operative who supply natural, sustainable, innovative dairy produce that nourishes the world over. They had been exhibiting at Food Ingredients Europe for a decade as part of the Irish Food Board and this represented the opportunity for Dairygold to take their own space and outline their vision. 

It soon became apparent that to really deliver the most immersive experience we could offer the stand would need to become a hive of technology.  Interactive touch screens were to be used to both communicate & inform, whilst also used to aid data collection for future analysis.
At its heart a large catering section dominated the space, where food could be displayed & tasted this was also encompassed by a giant large circular panoramic graphic to truly immerse the customer within the golden valleys.

Our continued development of the customer journey would take the visitor through five key areas in order to really capture & enhance this vision.
Dairygold Visual 5
The customer journey started with an interactive story wall which told visitors about the Dairygold Experience. This acted as a hook to stop visitors in their tracks. We commissioned illustrator Matt Buckingham to hand draw a scene depicting the Golden Valleys and giving a broad overview showing the whole process of bringing milk from grass fed cows to the final outcome of nourishing the people of the world. The scene was brought to life with animation when people touched the drawing on the wall.
‘Sustainability’ was a key theme which was the next stopping point on the journey. This took the form of a short video that Envisage compiled and re-edited from existing Dairygold video footage.  
A meet,eat and greet counter was placed in the center of the stand, which doubled up as a drinks bar during the evening of the show.
The fourth stage of the journey featured a ‘Pick and Place’ area. Viewers selected one of ten objects which triggered an animation telling them about an aspect of Dairygold. 
The final part of the customer journey comprised an interactive wall made up of graphics with three touch screens that focused on the food ingredients. 
This was considered the business end of the stand and provided visitors with data. A separate iPad allowed visitors to email this information to themslves from the stand.
Dairygold exhibition stand interior
The Frankfurt show attracted over 26,000 people during the three days. The stand proved a great showcase for Dairygold’s  innovation and expertise creating a huge stir in the exhibition hall amongst their customer base and the competition alike. 
It was a key signal of Dairygold’s investment and focus on its international sales and marketing capabilities, it was the organisation’s first time to exhibit stand-alone at the show & the a vast amount of technology & customer engagement ensured that customer footfall on the stand was a major success.
Dairygold successfully positioned itself as a key player in Food Ingredients with an exciting and large scale interactive stand which attracted a high level of interest with its unique and progressive design which brought the Golden Valleys of Munster to Frankfurt.
The whole experience was a huge success for both Dairygold & Envisage, the stand itself didn't just look amazing as a spectacle it also reinforced Dairygold's brand & heritage right down to the last detail Our partnership has continued to grow with our latest venture having been at the Paris International Food Event - We look forward to further success & partnering at  future events.

"The show was a huge success for us, having the VR element to the stand was a great way for our sales staff to engage with customers."

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