Dairygold @ Food Ingredients Europe

With a deep-rooted tradition and history in Ireland’s dairy industry, Dairygold’s vision is to be a top 20, global farmer-owned co-operative who supply natural, sustainable, innovative dairy produce that nourishes the world over. They had been exhibiting at Food Ingredients Europe for a decade as part of the Irish Food Board and this represented the opportunity for Dairygold to take their own space and outline their vision.
Dairygold exhibition stand interior
From the brief it was clear that Dairygold were not looking for something ordinary and one-dimensional. There was a really compelling story to tell and from the initial brainstorming sessions we decided to make this an assault on all the senses and technology would be key to bringing the stand alive. The over-arching concept was to create a stand that would say out loud ‘Welcome to the Golden Valleys’. The rolling hills of Munster were represented by an curving, almost organic structure, that undulated with generous archways providing inviting entrances onto the stand. A customer journey was developed taking the visitor through five key areas.
interactive projection wall
The journey started with an interactive story wall which told visitors about the Dairygold. This acted as a hook to stop visitors in their tracks. We commissioned illustrator Matt Buckingham to hand draw a scene depicting the Golden Valleys and giving a broad overview showing the whole process of bringing milk from grass fed cows to the final outcome of nourishing the people of the world. The scene was brought to life with animation when people touched the drawing on the wall.

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