Event: Hubbell Harsh & Hazardous @ Offshore Europe September 2019
Location: Aberdeen, Scotland
Sqm²: 72
Collaboration type: New Client/ working Directly

Client’s Brief:
Hubbell is a huge International corporation founded in the USA by Harvey Hubbell in 1888 
Now encompassing many different brands, the company provides all manner of of fixings, lights, gauges etc to all sorts of different industries and markets all over the world.

Hubbell had exhibited many times before when we first met with them, but the decision had been taken to elevate the Hubbell brand as well as unifying their key sub-brands for the Oil and Gas sector at a number of global events. Taking a much larger space than previously occupied, the aim was to alert the industry that Hubbell were an integrated solutions provider for offshore platforms.

With careful consultation at the design briefing stage, we were able establish the main aims and objectives and justify Hubbell’s’ increased investment in the show. Educating the visitor about the Hubbell offering and increasing awareness was key, but to also inform existing customers and their peers within the event of how the individual brands under the Hubbell banner, provide a global solution to the industry in many different environments. The focus for the stand itself was centred around brand awareness with sales being a requisite.
Raising the profile of the products in each of the brand sectors demonstrating their features and benefits was also key.

The Experience:
The primary focus of the stand was to create four areas emphasising the differences in the brands whilst retaining a consistent and professional aesthetic to tie them all together. The four areas were positioned at the opposite end of the stand to the presentation area to create and eye-catching feature from every approach. 

The areas were split diagonally to add a dynamic perspective to each area allowing for the visitor to navigate through the various areas with ease whilst also allowing maximum wall space for each of the brands to display their individual graphics and products. High seating and flat screens were used alongside graphic imagery to invite visitors to stay and chat in a relaxed environment. 

The bar area and bench seating were provided centrally to tie the stand together and offer a welcoming aesthetic to the core of the stand. The bar retained Hubbell’s core brand colours alongside a straight geometric counter and store to contrast the angled areas positioned either side. An overhead canopy carried high level branding to be visible across the venue.

Our client could not believe the reaction to the stand.  For the first time, all of the different sales teams were able to come together to give a unified picture of how different products could be sold into different areas and how Hubbell truly is able to provide complete solutions to the industry through their vast product list and years of industry specific experience.  Whilst sales were not the primary goal for the client, there was a lot of business done with even more leads created that needed post show follow-up.  Success at this event meant that we went on to build an stand for the US and later design and build a stand at Adipec in Abu Dhabi

“The stand looked fantastic and we’ve had some great feedback!.....it has been so good to get all of the business units working together as one team”
Olivia Serrage, Marketing Manager

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