Johnson Matthey @ CPHI Worldwide

Johnson Matthey approached us to create an exhibition stand concept whilst they were re branding their business. Previously comprising four separate business divisions, the new public face of the brand was to use the single name Johnson Matthey and summed up with the expression – inspiring science, enhancing life.
The new visual identity was carried across into the architecture of the stand. Where previously four colours symbolised the different divisions, a singular white arch structure now symbolised ‘one’ Johnson Matthey.

The original brief had requested that there would be pre-arranged meetings and the need for private conference rooms. Our creative team felt that this should not dictate that the stand became a barrier to new business. As our creative director Chris Cotterill stated “To draw an analogy, you walk into the restaurant that you can see has diners in” For this to work, it was important that the stand was not too closed off and there is something for people to engage with.
There was a balance of private meeting space and comfortable semi-private spaces where more impromptu discussion could take place. We gave the stand the look and feel of a first-class airport lounge by creating a low level glass wall at the front perimeter. There was a physical boundary but not a visible one allowing passers-by to see business taking place.

At the front of the stand we created a fresh take on a lab bench. This employed RFID technology in the form of ‘Pick and Place’ which stand visitors could engage with. An animated version of the new JM brochure was used as content for three screens built into the bench. When a coloured lab flask was picked up and placed on the bench, it triggered information about how JM were inspiring science and enhancing life. The lab bench really raised activity on the stand at the same time raising brand awareness.

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