Middleport Pottery

Established in 1888, Middleport Pottery has been manufacturing Burleigh ceramic products using the same traditional practices for over a century. In recognition of its contributions and its important heritage, it was awarded with a £9 million fund by The Prince’s Trust to regenerate and preserve its site and buildings.
The programme not only reinvigorated its manufacturing capabilities, but it was also used to create a visitor centre complete with a museum and cafe. As part of the museum creation, Envisage were included in the production and installation of graphics by design agency Blockley Design Ltd.

Graphics were printed and mounted onto wooden boards to sit within the exhibits, depicting what life was like in the olden day workings of the factory. Banners were also produced as dedications to the designers of classic ceramic patterns and installed in the designer room.
The grand opening was attended by none other than Prince Charles himself, who personally toured the site and Middleport Pottery Museum.

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