Event: Pervacio @ Mobile World Congress
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Sqm²: 27
Collaboration type: Design, Development & Delivery 


Mobile World Congress is one of the largest events in the annual exhibition calendar. For those companies who operate within the mobile sector MWC is the perfect opportunity to launch new products, network, meet with clients and make sales. This is precisely what Pervacio’s main goal was & our goal was to ensure that they achieved this by standing out from the crowd and being remembered.

E13579 Pervacio MWC 2017 v5.1

Pervacio are a growing brand operating with mobile security software. Their products are currently required within 3 distinct industries. Warehousing & logistics, retailer and remote care. Their aim at Mobile World Congress 2017 was to showcase their brand to a wider audience, and build their brand within the mobile industry. They also wanted the opportunity to network, hold meetings with current clients and build a contact database. One of the biggest challenges we faced was the extremely tight deadline.

Pervacio@MWC-17 05

The stand was divided into 3 distinct sections for each of the 3 industries. These were differentiated using different materials as the backdrop for each. In each area demonstrations took place showing the product in action.
To ensure that the brand was the main focus of the stand we placed the brand logo high up and in lights. The stand was designed in the style of a modern phone shop to give the overall feel of the industry Pervacio operates within. The simplicity of the stand was used to demonstrate the simplicity of the product.
During the evenings drinks were served to create a more relaxed atmosphere and staff were encouraged to help clients through the use of the data capture device, which was wall mounted. This made it more likely that people would fill in the form, rather than leaving the device unattended. 

Pervacio@MWC-17 06

Pervacio were very happy with the results they received from their stand. They were able to gain 200 quality leads from the data capture device and have decided to exhibit again at future events. 

“ The stand was a huge success & its amazing that the entire project was completed within a month of receiving the brief.”

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