Event: Qualys @ Infosecurity Europe 2018
Location: Olympia, London
Sqm²: 70
Collaboration type: Design, Development & Delivery 
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InfoSec is the largest trade show Qualys exhibits at inside of Europe. Over 400 exhibitors showcase information security solutions and products to 19,500+ information security professionals over the course of 3 days at the Olympia, London UK. The exhibitions success and footfall has led to them expanding the event, offering Qualys the opportunity to move stand to a more premium & central location at the venue.

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Understanding the exhibiting objectives of the stand were key to the design delivered by Envisage. Allowing us to create a hub that is used jointly to entertain as well as to hold presentations throughout the day. With this being an island stand we needed to consider the layout & how it could remain accessible from all four sides but still carry enough structural elements to stand out. The stand design can be dissected at its core into three main stand attractors; the theatre offering daily product presentation, a reception bar for networking purposes and four demonstration desks to show off product capabilities. To achieve a light and contemporary stand aesthetic, the design incorporated a clean, sharp 

InfoSecurityEurope2018-8929 SCALE

The design’s strong & tall construction ensured that the Qualys logo would be captured by its audience at distance. Delegates were to be greeted with architectural styling that was enhanced by crisp bold planes of colour, full-sized wall graphics and strong ambient lighting. The asymmetrical layout was developed to allow clear vision through the stand and offering better access onto the space from all sides of this island plot & a more seamless flow of traffic throughout. The theatre area would be used to entice customers onto the stand space in an engaging & informative manner.  In addition four demo desks would be positioned to enable the Qualys staff to hold more detailed & private discussions with visitors, this would then be accompanied by the bar area to serve drinks & ensure that clients enjoyed a comfortable & hospitable stay throughout their journey.


The result was an exceptional stand that created a central hub to the show. The overall feel was highly professional with a flurry of technology at its core, combined with the hospitality offering this served as a fantastic solution to hosting an all-round superb networking experience.

“The stand design delivered a platform for Qualys to achieve their marketing objectives, and fulfilled their expectations of exhibiting. Qualys were able to use their central location and become the heart of the hall, welcoming visitors from all sides of the stand to a range of different activities taking place throughout the entire event.”

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