Samsung @ IFSEC

Samsung are a market leader in security imaging, their exhibition stand design brief was to create a double-deck stand that would showcase their latest technology which included a robot showing how artificial intelligence could be used in the future. 
Three six-metre-high arches spanned over the steel and glass structure, each arch was used to show a different security scenario at the event, for instance one showed a CCTV installation in a shopping mall and another a school. A five-metre-wide video wall stood in the middle of the stand relaying imagery from SGR-A1 – a military robot with tracking and gesture recognition.

Beneath the arches, display pods featured a control center, which operated cameras that were placed around the stand. The center of the exhibition stand incorporated a model railway complete with hills and tunnels which illustrated how the number plate recognition worked on their security cameras. Creative Director for the exhibition stand designers at Envisage, stated “with so much going on, the trick was to distill the elements to what was important, so that the visitor could easily find the information that they wanted”.

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