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The Brief

When Envisage was first approached by Johnson Matthey 4 years ago, we had a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with them to not only expand their new corporate branding into a 3-dimensional solution but to strategically introduce the joining of 4 previously separate areas of their business, presenting them as a combined and strengthened business unit, as never seen before.

Bringing this design back to our design studio was one of those golden moments, whereby the vision of what would bring success to the client and a winning pitch for us so clear to us, and what has enabled us to continue working together with Johnson Matthey since.  In 2017 Johnson Matthey had a huge global re-brand and we were able to adapt and improve the stand even more with clean and striking imagery supplied by the client’s agency and making improvements based on learnings from previous events throughout Europe.


Brand Product Awareness


AR Display and Database Growth


Frankfurt, Germany


Design, Development & Delivery

The Deliverables

The new visual identity was expressed throughout the architecture of the stand. Where previously the design had pictured the four colours within the brand, symbolising the different divisions, a singular white arch structure now boldly portrayed ‘one’ Johnson Matthey.

A balance of private meeting space and comfortable semi-private spaces were positioned to facilitate more impromptu discussion and a relaxed café bar vibe was developed.  We gave the stand the look and feel of a first-class airport lounge by creating a low-level glass wall at the front perimeter, introducing a physical boundary but not a visible one, allowing passers-by to see business taking place and encourage them to come on for a chat and some refreshment.

interactive screens across a table with a table and chairs

The Experience

At the front of this large booth space, we created a fresh take on a lab bench. We cleverly developed an interactive activity using RFID technology to educate and excite the visitor from the aisle.  Generating a fun element to the stand with our ‘Pick and Place’ feature, passers-by could not help but get involved.

An animated version of the new JM brochure was used as content for three screens built into the bench. Large lab flasks were filled with brightly coloured gels and placed around the “lab”.  When picked up and placed on the bench, it triggered information on the large screens about how JM were inspiring science and enhancing life. The lab bench not only created a buzz of activity on the stand but at the same time raised brand awareness and capabilities.

jm logo at exhibition

Our Response

Our creative team felt from the onset that the stand should not become a barrier to new business. Our designer drew the analogy that “you walk into the restaurant that you can see has diners in”.  The open, friendly, but business-like approach has been a winning formula for JM over all of the shows that we have completed for them.  Attention to detail and crisp design certainly supports the brand values but coupled with a compelling reason to come and speak with this talented group of people enabled effective data capture, mostly gathering new leads through the “pick and place” registration for new contacts.

interactive screens on a table with people on tables and chairs in the background

The Results

“Thank you for the continued excellent support and service you have provided to JM over the last year. I know I also speak for Kevin when I say we thoroughly enjoy working with Envisage and the enthusiasm, engagement, commitment and professionalism is second to none. Please pass on my thanks to the whole team.”


Nicholas Johnson PhD, MBA, FRSC

Strategic Marketing Director, Health Sector


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