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The Brief

Merlyn pride themselves on creating the ultimate showering experience. An experience that makes even the shortest showers feel like the best part of your day, and bathrooms the most beautifully designed room in your home.  In only 19 years, Merlyn have become a leading light in the industry.  The difference that is experienced in the quality of the materials and the craft that goes into the product needed to be tangible to the visitor as well as making this stand a true expression of the brand.

Telling the story of the brand and ensuring that the overall design was an outpouring of the latest marketing strategy, was a key element in the delivery of the design concept.


Customer Relationships


Product Display Environment




Design, Development & Delivery

The Deliverables

Building to 5m in height, the design made use of two huge interlocking facia structures that carried the clean and striking Merlyn brand, ensuring its visibility from all angles of approach.

Stunning bespoke design and service are at the heart of the business and it was crucial to empathise with this ethic through the delivery of the display spaces.

The product ranges were sectioned with the stand with clear definition between the areas.

‘Hero Product’ – was raised up on staged areas to showcase it and make it stand out from the rest.

With a small cloakroom for coats/bags etc.​ the stand was kept tidy at all times which was key in delivering a luxury feel to the stand on a relatively small space.

exhibition layout

The Experience

The intension in the design concept was to ensure that the three open sides of the stand would each be equally inviting, but that from any point of entering the space, the visitor could engage with a journey around the stand to experience new and innovative product ranges

Merlyn is part of the Norcros Plc group of companies.  With sister company VADO manufacturing some of the finest brassware into the industry and Johnsons Tiles too, Merlyn were spoilt for choice when it came to accessing beautiful tiles and superb cutting edge designs for shower heads and accessories.

A small reception area was centered in the space and this was the focal point for that famed Irish hospitality and for giving information packs and datasheets.  Two sets of high tables and stools gave visitors a chance to take the weight off and have a chat for a while, whilst soaking up the ambiance of the stand.

​A centralised demonstration area for the MERLYN IQ range​ was also built into the space as the main attractor for passers-by to engage with.

men sat at a desk with plants on it

Our Response

The stand was hugely successful in getting customers to fully appreciate Merlyn’s commitment to offering a unique service as well as being told that all bespoke products come with the MERLYN Guarantee. A stand manager was appointed to oversee the smooth running of the stand at all times, and whilst very traditional, leads were recorded manually, but meticulously and gave the sales team lots to be following up after the event.

formation on walls at an exhibition

The Results

“Dan, thanks for the email. We had a great show and 100% you contributed the same.

We were thrilled with the stand and the consensus was it was the best stand so far and this is the 3rd KBB for MERLYN!”

Eileen Slattery

Marketing Manager

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